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This is a unique service offering that assists Clients who are in distress or over indebted and don’t know what to do. We provide a number of personalized solutions to move such individuals from an over-indebtedness position to a debt free / manageable and / or less stressful position. Under this service, our unique offering include the following services;

Debt Consolidation

This is where one has more than one debt with one or more lending institutions and is literally drowning and failing to service the loans sitting various lending institutions. FAST-DEBT will approach lending institutions on behalf of the debtor to negotiate the possibility of consolidating the various debt into one easy repayment now sitting with only one institution thereby reducing the repayment amounts per month. Once a debtor is on this programme, the Debtor is not allowed to accumulate any further debts until the consolidated debt is settled in full.

Debt Restructuring

This is one of our flexible services which enables the Debtor to service the debt without putting a strain on their finances. FAST-DEBT will investigate the causes that led the Debtor to arrive at this position and recommend a suitable restructuring programme. A Debtor is limited to only one (1) restructuring in every six (6) months and subject to him paying off the previous restructured debt in full. Once a Debtor is placed under a restructured programme is not allowed to incur any further debt until the previous debt is paid in full. If a Debtor has undergone restructuring before, he / she will not be eligible for the service.

Debt Review Services

This is a personalized service offering Clients who may be questioning their Debt Statement / status with the Lender. FAST-DEBT critically analyses the Debtor’s Account Statement to ascertain the correct debt status. Using the aim of review and verify the debt status of the client visa-vie the process that led to the Client’s possible bad loan status. Where it is found that the Lender was in the wrong, we recommend ways to rectify the debt position.