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Fast Debt Managers wants to make a positive and long lasting contribution to the communities in which we operate by encouraging giving back to the communities. This supports our core values and is reflected in the actions. We encourage and support a proactive and caring tradition of assisting those in need primarily through volunteering and assisted ventures.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, FAST-DEBT offers Debt Management Training / Education or Awareness programmes to assist society from falling into the debt burden. Under this service, we offer various solutions on how one can come out of debt, provide counselling services especially for those that may be under trauma as a result
of their debt status.

We offer a specialized service tailor-made to help individuals learn from other people’s experiences by offering debt clinics / workshops, round table discussions and counselling. FAST-DEBT may provide any of the services pro-bono,terms and conditions apply.

We offer debt management awareness training for both financial institutions and ordinary citizens and prepare them on how to manage their debt. FAST-DEBT is looking for interested corporates, NGOs and any other interested social agencies to partner with under this noble cause.