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In our quest to be Fast, Quick and Prompt, we are committed to providing timely, honest and quality service. FAST-DEBT has the requisite capability, expertise and experience to undertake any debt management assignment with utmost professionalism and produce high quality results to the Client’s satisfaction. FAST-DEBT’s key business principle is to be ‘Fast, Quick and Prompt’ which we apply by working and interacting closely with the client throughout the process of engagement to ensure that desired outputs are delivered.

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Many upcoming companies tend to vanish quickly as they start to be noticed due to lack of key employee retention strategy, especially when it comes to reward and recognition. Decisions made always tend to ward off or send Key employees packing. Decisions made tend to be made in a huff and often in the name of generality, one size fits all syndrome.

Time needs to be set aside to carefully analyse the employee make up so as to identify key personnel and ensure that the growth of the company is in line with their reward and recognition. Often, a SWOT analyses of staff make up is the last thing that is considered but the bottom line is in how much can we save instead of how much income can we continue to generate with a happy key employee or otherwise.

Often, sole proprieties tend to fold in the face of competition due to lack of the competitive age in terms of qualified and seasoned employees who can adjust when the going gets tough.

Hence, the concept of cheap is expensive is always ignored to the peril of such organisations. They always tend to revolve around infancy stage without any tangible growth, due to always being the market looking for replacement staff that always will require extensive training and time to start seeing the growth. Once that becomes noticeable, key personnel leave due to the same reasons as those they replaced, hence being overtaken by those organisations which place emphasis and have a key employee retention strategy.

The little profits made are always gobbled up by the recruitment cycle whose costs are so enormous although not always noticed.

Once Key personnel leave that often affects the morale of those that remain which at times or often ignites the need to leave as well hence having an unstable workforce often jumping ship at the first opportunity they get.

In a nutshell ignorance or not having a key employee retention strategy is like having a rudderless ship heading to running aground


  • Why most Fast Growing upcoming companies hit a brick Wall - Lack or failure to retain Key Employees

    Why most Fast Growing upcoming companies hit a brick Wall - Lack or failure to retain Key Employees

  • One of the ways to avoid being over indebted, is to simply understand what the terms of the agreement you are about to sign entail

    One of the ways to avoid being over indebted, is to simply understand what the terms of the agreement you are about to sign entail

    Many people find themselves over indebted simply because half of the time they do not know what the terms of

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  • Step 1: Tele-Collectors

    Step 1: Tele-Collectors

    FAST-DEBT runs a fully-fledged Call Centre Facility with well-trained Tele-Collectors who make contacts with the client as a first point of call, Through this service we make timely follow-ups and provide reminders to Debtors to ensure that debt is paid before and when due via the phone.
  • Step 2: Debt Managers' Meetings

    Step 2: Debt Managers' Meetings

    Where necessary meetings are set-up with debtors to have a one-on-one / face-to-face interaction with the Debtors. Debtors are usually summoned to our offices to discuss the implications for not settling their debts on time. This reinforces the seriousness in the collection of Debts.
  • Step 3: Field Collectors

    Step 3: Field Collectors

    Our collections team are sent out into the field to track and trace Difficult-to-Contact debtors. These work hand-in-hand with our investigations unit to track-n-trace Debtors who skip and become incommunicado. These teams are in the field and rigorously work flat-out to locate debtors at given physical addresses including that of next of keen.
  • Step 4: The Legal Process

    Step 4: The Legal Process

    Our in-house legal team will engage the Debtor from a legal procedure to see if we can resuscitate the debt before a more stringent legal procedure is taken against the Debtor.
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