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In our quest to be Fast, Quick and Prompt, we are committed to providing timely, honest and quality service. FAST-DEBT has the requisite capability, expertise and experience to undertake any debt management assignment with utmost professionalism and produce high quality results to the Client’s satisfaction. FAST-DEBT’s key business principle is to be ‘Fast, Quick and Prompt’ which we apply by working and interacting closely with the client throughout the process of engagement to ensure that desired outputs are delivered.

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  • Debt Collection

    Debt Collection and Debt Recovery sound like they have the same meaning, but there is a subtle difference. Debt Collection involves general measures taken to collect money owed by late payers.

  • Rental Collections

    Landlords who are either busy or want to have a piece of mind can outsource rental collections service to minimize the challenges involved during rental collections.

  • Debt Recovery

    Debt Recovery, on the other hand, is the recovery of a debt after it has been written-off from the company’s / Client’s books after unsuccessful internal debt collection process.

  • Debt Underwriting

    This is a new service offering that gives the Client impetus to be flexible in terms of offering their products in order to increase sales and market share.

  • Debt Buying

    This is a unique service, offering Lenders to out-rightly buy the debt at a discounted amount hence giving FASTDEBT an opportunity to settle the debt immediately. We offer partial and full debt buying. Partial debt buying is where we buy the debt with the Client having a right to buy back the loan. We primarily purchase delinquent debt arising from non-performing mortgages or any secured loans.

  • Debt Rescue Service

    This is a personalized service offering Clients who may be questioning their Debt Statement / status with the Lender. FAST-DEBT critically analyses the Debtor’s Account Statement to ascertain the correct debt status. Using the aim of review and verify the debt status of the client visa-vie the process that led to the Client’s possible bad loan status. Where it is found that the Lender was in the wrong, we recommend ways to rectify the debt position.

  • Investigation/ Tracing and Track

    Through our specialized and highly trained investigations team we offer pre-debt checks, debt investigation and skip and trace services. We carry out forensic investigations to track debtors that have disappeared including fraud prevention and fraudulently obtained debt. This service is open for outsourcing.

  • Pre-Debt Checks

    We outsource pre-debt approval checks service (Know Your Customer {KYC}) offering timely, accurate and valid information which will enable our clients to make informed lending decisions. This is a due-diligence service that gives you speed to process applications and approval loans or any other facilities the Client offers to customers.

  • Debt Management Litigation

    FAST-DEBT has an IN-HOUSE Legal Office and is being supported by EXTERNAL Legal firms who are ready to take up cases. Difficult debtors are taken through the legal procedures with the full knowledge of the Client. With this legal support and back-up, we offer a full-proof Debt Management Service to our Clients ready to take the full process of the law.

  • Debt Clinics/Counselling

    As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, FAST-DEBT offers Debt Management Training / Education or Awareness programmes to assist society from falling into the debt burden. Under this service, we offer various solutions on how one can come out of debt, provide counselling services especially for those that may be under trauma as a result of their debt status.


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  • Step 1: Tele-Collectors

    Step 1: Tele-Collectors

    FAST-DEBT runs a fully-fledged Call Centre Facility with well-trained Tele-Collectors who make contacts with the client as a first point of call, Through this service we make timely follow-ups and provide reminders to Debtors to ensure that debt is paid before and when due via the phone.
  • Step 2: Debt Managers' Meetings

    Step 2: Debt Managers' Meetings

    Where necessary meetings are set-up with debtors to have a one-on-one / face-to-face interaction with the Debtors. Debtors are usually summoned to our offices to discuss the implications for not settling their debts on time. This reinforces the seriousness in the collection of Debts.
  • Step 3: Field Collectors

    Step 3: Field Collectors

    Our collections team are sent out into the field to track and trace Difficult-to-Contact debtors. These work hand-in-hand with our investigations unit to track-n-trace Debtors who skip and become incommunicado. These teams are in the field and rigorously work flat-out to locate debtors at given physical addresses including that of next of keen.
  • Step 4: The Legal Process

    Step 4: The Legal Process

    Our in-house legal team will engage the Debtor from a legal procedure to see if we can resuscitate the debt before a more stringent legal procedure is taken against the Debtor.
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